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Fixtures for all 2019 Rugby World Cup Matches and TV Coverage

rwc fixture 2019

The 2019 Rugby World Cup is around the corner and all the 48 matches are fixtured for 20 September 2019 in Tokyo Stadium to November 2 on Saturday, at the Nissan Stadium.

New Zealand is the defending champion and only a team who consecutive win last two World Cup Rugby tournament.

The RWC 2019 tournament is to be held in Asia for the first time outside the traditional heartland of rugby union. The Opening Ceremony of Rugby World Cup 2019 is scheduled in Tokyo Stadium at 20 September at 6:30 p.m. JST.

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(All fixture kickoff times below are local JST)


POOL *A – Japan, Scotland, Ireland, Russia, Samoa.
Matches NO Teams Start Time & Date Stadium Live Scores & Results
1 Russia v Japan 19:45 Fri, Sep. 20 Tokyo Stadium
2 Scotland v Ireland 16:45 Sun, Sep. 22 International Stadium Yokohama
3 Samoa v Russia 19:15 Tue, Sep. 24 Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
4 Ireland v Japan 16:15 Sat, Sep. 28 Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
5 Samoa v Scotland 19:15 Mon, Sep. 30 Kobe Misaki Stadium
6 Russia v Ireland 19:15 Thu, Oct. 3 Kobe Misaki Stadium
7 Samoa v Japan 19:30 Sat, Oct. 5 City of Toyota Stadium
8 Russia v Scotland 16:15 Wed, Oct. 9 Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
9 Samoa v Ireland 19:45 Sat, Oct. 12 Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
10 Japan v Scotland 19:45 Sun, Oct. 13 International Stadium Yokohama

POOL *B – New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Namibia.

Matches NO Teams Start Time & Date Stadium Live Scores & Results
1 South Africa v New Zealand 18:45 Sat, Sept. 21 International Stadium Yokohama
2 Namibia v Italy 14:15 Sun, Sept. 22 Hanazono Rugby Stadium
3 Canada v Italy 16:45 Thu, Sept. 26 Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
4 Namibia v South Africa 18:45 Sat, Sept. 28 City of Toyota Stadium
5 Canada v New Zealand 19:15 Wed, Oct. 2 Oita Stadium
6 Italy v South Africa 18:45 Fri, Oct. 4 Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
7 Namibia v New Zealand 13:45 Sun, Oct. 6 Tokyo Stadium
8 Canada v South Africa 19:15 Tues, Oct. 8 Kobe Misaki Stadium
9 Italy v New Zealand 13:45 Sat, Oct. 12 City of Toyota Stadium
10 Canada v Namibia 12:15 Sun, Oct. 13 Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium

POOL *C – USA, England, France,Tonga, Argentina.

Matches NO Teams Start Time & Date Stadium Live Scores & Results
1 Argentina v France 16:15 Sat, Sept. 21 Tokyo Stadium
2 Tonga v England 19:15 Sun, Sept. 22 Sapporo Dome
3 USA v England 19:45 Thu, Sept. 26 Kobe Misaki Stadium
4 Tonga v Argentina 13:45 Sat, Sept. 28 Hanazono Rugby Stadium
5 USA v France 16:45 Wed, Oct. 2 Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
6 Argentina v England 17:00 Sat, Oct. 5 Tokyo Stadium
7 Tonga v France 16:45 Sun, Oct. 6 Kumamoto Stadium
8 USA v Argentina 13:45 Wed, Oct. 9 Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
9 France v England 17:15 Sat, Oct. 12 International Stadium Yokohama
10 Tonga v USA 14:45 Sun, Oct. 13 Hanazono Rugby Stadium

POOL *D – Australia, Fiji, Wales, Uruguay, Georgia.

Matches NO Teams Start Time & Date Stadium Live Scores & Results
1 Fiji v Australia 13:45 Sat, Sept. 21 Sapporo Dome
2 Georgia v Wales 19:15 Mon, Sept. 23 City of Toyota Stadium
3 Uruguay v Fiji 14:15 Wed, Sept. 25 Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
4 Uruguay v Georgia 14:15 Sun, Sept. 29 Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
5 Wales v Australia 16:45 Sun, Sept. 29 Tokyo Stadium
6 Fiji v Georgia 16:45 Sun, Sept. 29 Tokyo Stadium
7 Uruguay v Australia 14:15 Sat, Oct. 5 Oita Stadium
8 Fiji v Wales 18:45 Wed, Oct. 9 Oita Stadium
9 Georgia v Australia 19:15 Fri, Oct. 11 Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
10 Uruguay v Wales 17:15 Sun, Oct. 13 Kumamoto Stadium


Matches NO Teams Start Time & Date Stadium Live Scores & Results
1 England v Australia 16:15 Sat, Oct. 19 Oita Stadium
2 All Blacks vs Ireland 19:15 Sat, Oct. 19 Tokyo Stadium
3 Wales vs France 16:15 Sun, Oct. 20
Oita Stadium
4 Japan vs South Africa 19:15 Sun, Oct. 20 Tokyo Stadium


Matches NO Teams Start Time & Date Stadium Live Scores & Results
1 Winner QF-1 vs Winner QF-2 17:00 Sat, Oct. 26 International Stadium Yokohama
2 Winner QF-3 vs Winner QF-4 18:00 Sun, Oct. 27 International Stadium Yokohama

Third place playoff [Bronze final]

Matches NO Teams Start Time & Date Stadium Live Scores & Results
1 Upcoming… TBD 18:00 Fri, Nov. 1 Tokyo Stadium


Matches NO Teams Start Time & Date Stadium Live Scores & Results
1 Upcoming… 18:00 Sat, Nov. 2 International Stadium Yokohama

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Rugby world cup 2019 standings

South Africa21014415
New Zealand11001004

Get the best tour and travel guide of 2019 rugby world cup tournaments

rugby world cup venues

Irasshaimase: Japan is a disciplined and orthodox country than any other society in the world. For the most part, bowing is a traditional obeisance in Japan. If you show respect and humility, the Japanese are more likely to accept you. You know that very well Tipping is an unnecessary part in Japan society and the most part your behavior reflects not only on yourself but also on your country.

Everything you need to know about the Rugby world cup in Japan in 2019.

No. of Rugby nations

20 participating teams (Nations) in the Rugby championship 2019 in Japan

Format of matches

Total of 48 matches:

1 Pool stages: There are 4 pools of 5 teams and 40 pool matches in total.

2 Finals: Quarterfinals, semi-finals, bronze final, and final.

Match Venues

For rugby world cup 2019 in total 12 venues across the whole of Japan.

Where is the Japan world cup 2019?

Japan Rugby world cup opening match starts on 20 September, Friday at Tokyo Stadium and final match on 2 November, Saturday at Yokohama Stadium, Kanagawa which is the first rugby tournament in Asia.

For the first time in the history of the rugby world cup, an Asian country would be hosting that tournament. Japan happens to be the first country in Asia to host it. Since the championship was awarded to the country, rugby officials and people of Japan have worked very hard to ensure that the world had the most successful tournament.

The country is preparing seriously to welcome the rest of the world that would be coming to Japan from the beginning to the end. They ensure that transport facilities are well provided and that the accommodation facility is also up to date. Most importantly, the country is beefing up security in all the match venues and hotel facilities across the host cities. It is apparent from what the government is putting in place that Japan is ready to welcome the world.

Japan is one of the fastest-growing economies of the world. They know that the world coming to Japan would mean a lot and that it can help the economy. The country ensures that everything is put in place. There are lots of side attractions in Japan, which tourists would like to see. Most of these tourist’s destinations are giving uplift with the aim of making them more attractive to the fans who visit the country during this global Fiesta.

Japan is to help rugby organizers to promote sports across the country. For instance, the country is preparing very hard for rugby seminars, which would be organized for the Japanese youth with the aim of introducing them to the game. There are lots of ways these Japanese officials want to welcome all the fans and tourists coming to the country for this global tournament. This is not the first time the country is organizing this kind of tournament.

How to travel from the USA and Euro to go to Japan to watch rugby world cup?

All eyes are now on Japan as the ninth edition of the rugby world is fast approaching and Japan would host the tournament. As you already know, tickets selling is in top gear. As a result, most of the tickets are now exhausted. Fans are to travel from far and near to become part of the most prestigious rugby events in the world. Fans are to come from America and other parts of the world to grace that occasion. If you want to visit Japan for the tournament, there are various options for you to transport yourself to Japan and to the various centers the matches are holding.

The fastest and easiest way of making it to the country for those coming from America is the direct flight. There is a direct flight connecting Tokyo from various parts of America. Flight remains the most effective way of making it to the country for the matches holding across the country.

Apart from taking the direct flight connection Japan, tourists can make that move through the water. The problem with water transportation is that it is not as fast as a plane. Currently, it is extremely difficult to move from America to Japan using road transportation. Even train transportation from the two countries might be impossible. The best way of connecting the two countries is through the plane or water transportation.

Train transportation between America and Japan is not yet practicable but with the time that could become possible. For now, people should make do with what is available. There could be several flights connecting the two countries, and these flights cover many states and airports. If you want, you can choose any of the flights you wish to use.

How to book a hotel in Japan?

Now that the whole world would be focusing on Japan for the ninth edition of the Rugby world cup, which would start in September and end in early November. The attention is now how to get the best hotel accommodation in the country. There is no doubt that accommodation facilities in the four locations where the event would take place would be stretched because of demand.

If you want to be part of that tournament and you want to watch all the whole events, then you must start in time to book hotel accommodation. There are different kinds of hotel accommodation you can book in the country and a few of them are considered here. You can make your choice based on your budget.

There are different kinds of accommodation arrangement that one can choose from in Japan.


The cheapest of all the accommodation arrangement in the country is a hostel. You can get plenty of them in the match venues. Hostels are available in various places in the country and if you are comfortable using bunk capsules or beds, you can apply for that online. These are well located across various parts of the country. The most important thing is that you can get basic accommodation facilities here. You can check for such accommodation online. It is likely that as the match dates fast approaches that these would be filled up. The prices for that are also affordable but it the most expensive in Kyoto and Tokyo.

Capsules Hotels

This is the second cheapest in the accommodation arrangement in the country. Many people coming to the country for business purposes would like to stay in this arrangement because it is not overly expensive. The aim of that is to provide cheap accommodation and it is certain that rugby fans would take full advantage of that opportunity and lodge in that kind of accommodation. Furthermore, they have better facilities compared to hostels.


This is another type of arrangement in Japan. If you want to opt for this arrangement you must be very careful to ensure that you are not shortchanged. Many people would offer their private accommodation for this kind of service and you can book for that online. You must be sure of the quality before you commit your hard-earned money. This is more expensive than the previous arrangements discussed above.


This is the perfect option for many fans coming to the country to be part of the forthcoming rugby world cup. It is better because it offers more comfort and more privacy compared to any of the arrangements discussed above. You should know however that you are going to spend more for this kind arrangement. Depending on the type and quality of the hotel, the cost of such an arrangement always varies. You can get hotel accommodation by looking for that online. If it is better, you can look for a reliable agent and engage them for their services. They can assist you to get a better accommodation deal in the country.

There are also other arrangements such as the Ryokans, and so on. When you are making your choice, you must consider your budget and this can always guide you. If you want a better accommodation, it is recommended that you start that quest early enough.

Japan rail guide

If you want to go through Japan without spending heavily for that, then you have to invest in the Japan rail guide. All you need to do is to ensure that you are on the JR network then you do not need to buy any other ticket to any other place in Japan. There is no way that you can compare the cost of rail transportation in Japan with other forms of transportation in the country. Ensure that you book a reservation on time. If you get the rail pass, you can move through the rail to other parts of the country without difficulties.

Japan Budget travel guide

If you have not traveled to Japan before and you are traveling for the first time, then you require useful information that can assist you on how to save money. The Japan travel guide is what you need for that. Japan can be an expensive country for newcomers. If you want to save cost when you travel to the country, then this informative guide is essential to you.

It advises you on what to do and the cheap places to be as well as the best thing you can do to get goods at discount prices. Even if you were used to the country, this important information is useful for you. You can check for the guide online. You can just google it and you can get a wonderful result. If you want a wonderful stay in Japan, then this is a must.

How to get Rugby world ticket?

If you are looking for the rugby world cup ticket for the event holding in Japan, you have to apply for that on time. The tickets were on sale a long time ago and chances are there that most of the tickets would have gone by now. Nonetheless, you can try your luck to know whether there are still some available. It is even possible that some of those that acquired their tickets or who have more than one would like to resale them. For most people reselling the tickets can be a wonderful way of generating revenue. Such people often target late buyers.

The best way to look for the ticket is to buy from the official vendors. The rugby organizers had vendors dedicated to selling those tickets across various regions of the world. If you check online, you can see some of those vendors. It is, therefore, necessary that you check any of those vendors for your choice.

Read Rugby world cup ticket 2019 full guide

Furthermore, it is available through the public stage ballots. Many people get theirs through that method. Most importantly, you can get it through general sales outlet. Check the organizer’s website, you can get useful links as to how to get tickets for the games coming in September 2019.

Furthermore, it is generally available through hospitality. Some hospitable persons may acquire the tickets and start to dispose of them to people as a way of helping such people who do not have the opportunity to get the tickets and become part of the global Fiesta.

Spas and wellness centers in Japan

There are lots of facilities in Japan to help visitors stay comfortable in Japan. Traditionally, the country is known for spas and wellness. There are lots of centers that offer such services in the match cities. It is possible that some of the facilities are booked up now. However, you still have to inquire to ensure that you do not miss anything. It is certain that most of the centers are getting everything ready for rugby fans.

You can book for their services through the internet. It is recommended that you check and compare the cost as well as the quality of services they provide before you make your choice. You can always get what you want.

Best facilities in Japan

There are a lot of facilities put in place in Japan for the rugby world cup. These facilities are designed to meet the best international standard. These can compare with any other facility located in any part of the world.

It should be noted that these facilities would be used for the Olympic game and other international competitions that come to the country. This means that the facilities are designed to meet the Olympic standard. The organizers want to ensure that the facilities put in place would be there for a very long time.

Visit 2019 rugby world cup tournament pass

Everything is put in place in various Japanese sectors to ensure that everybody is taken care of. The venues can boast of the best pitch facilities for the rugby play. In addition to that, medical facilities are at the best to ensure that players and fans are taken care of in the field. Most importantly, security in Japan is well equipped and they are at their best to ensure that they provide maximum security to fans and players. Most importantly, hotel accommodation is well provided and reserved for various teams taking part in that tournament. Everything is put in place and it appears that Japan is ready for the world.

If you have a problem to get the Rugby Pass just click the link here.

For more update information on Japan, please visit the Japan National Tourism Organizations website below:

TELEPHONE: +81 50 3786 6615
(OPEN BETWEEN 10:00 AND 18:00 (JST)/01:30 – 09:30 (GMT) EVERY DAY)

What to watch on 2019 Rugby World Cup: What everything you need to know?

Rugby World Cup

The Rugby world cup is the biggest rugby event in the world. It is organized for men and it takes place every four years. The fourth coming edition, which is holding in Japan is going to be the ninth time the event is holding and for the first time, it will hold in Asia. The global event was first organized in the year 1987. During that opening tournament, it was co-hosted by two great teams in the rugby union which is New Zealand and Australia. Since then it has been organized every other four years. After the event of 2019, the next one will be held in France in the year 2023.

What is Webb Ellis Cup?

The winners of the competition will get home with Webb Ellis Cup. This cup was named after a young boy who was considered to be the founder of rugby. He was a rugby school pupil. Since the commencement of the tournament, four countries have won it, and they include New Zealand, Australia as well as South Africa. New Zealand has won that three times while South Africa has won it two times. England has won it once. The defending champion in New Zealand.

What is World Rugby Union?

The body in charge of the tournament is the World Rugby Union. This the international body regulating that competition. During the inaugural competition, which was done in 1987, sixteen nations were invited to the competition. However, beginning from the year, 1999, the competition has always involved twenty nations. The competition is now organized on a continental rotational basis. The next edition is to be hosted by France one of the countries participating in this year’s edition.

What about the Qualification tournament for 2019 RWC?

As pointed out earlier the first tournament was based on an invitational basis where 16 top rugby nations were invited. Subsequent competitions were based on a qualification basis. In the second tournament which involved 16 teams, eight of them were based on qualification. 24 nations tournaments used to be organized and this is where the eight remaining teams will emerge to take part in the global Fiesta.

The format again changed in the 2003 and 2007 editions of the competition. Available positions were increased to 20 and 8 out of that were selected based on automatic qualification criteria. Here, the last eight teams standing of the previous competition were given automatic ticket to participate. The other remaining positions which are 12 in number are based on a qualification basis and this is done on a continental level.

The format allows three teams to emerge from the Americas, one team from Asia and one team from Africa. Two teams would also emerge from the Oceania competition and the remaining three teams would qualify from Europe. Furthermore, two places were made available for the repechage. The first of that is determined on the runoff of the qualifying matches that are played in Africa and Europe zones. The winner of that would confront the runners up of the Americas. The second repechage was determined through the winners in the runner up from Asia and the Oceania qualifications.

The format currently in use requires that 12 out of the twenty available spaces are filled through automatic qualifications. Under this format, the team which came third in the pool stages of the previous competition could be allowed to take part. The remaining slots were determined by a continental qualification process. Currently, eight slots are allocated to Europe. Oceanian has 5 slots just as 3 slots were left for the Americas and 2 places were left for the Africans. 1 spot is also left for the Asian nations. The remaining slot is filled through intercontinental playoffs. The last format is used in the forthcoming edition that is taken place in Japan.

There are twenty nations participating and there are five venues for the matches. In the group or pool stage, every participating country is expected to engage in four group games. There could be a bonus points system and that is available in the pool play stage. When there is equality in points, the system is used to work out which of the teams should rank higher than the others. Furthermore, it is also useful in ranking the world rugby nations.

Watch Rugby World Cup Live

Two teams are expected to emerge from the pool stage. The clear winner of the group as the best runners up of the same group would make it to the next level of that competition.

When the competition enters the quarter and semifinals stages, it is in the knockout stage and any team that loses would be eliminated. The four winners of the quarter-finals would make it to the semi-finals. The two teams that emerge from the semi-final stages would compete in the final round. The eventual winner would be crowned the world champion. The forthcoming world cup would be explosive and competitive.

Rugby World Cup images

rugby world cup

rugby world cup 2

rugby world cup 3

rugby world cup 4

rugby world cup 5

Rugby World Cup 2019: what we need to know?

Any questions about RWC 2019 you are looking for is here. Where is the Rugby world cup 2019 being held? How to get Rugby ticket? What is rugbypass? Where to travel in Japan? Who is televising the 2019 Rugby World Cup? Who won the last Rugby World Cup? And more about RWC 2019 fixtures, pool results, scores, standings, betting tips and latest news you are looking for.

Where is the Rugby World Cup 2019 being held?

The Rugby 2019 World Cup goes from 20 September Friday to 2 November Saturday, with across Japan.

How many teams (Nations) are in the rwc 2019 tournament?

Only 20 qualified teams whole over the world will play in the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Who is being televised the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

It is already announced that ITV has collected the television rights for the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan as well as the broadcasting rights Rugby Pass.

rugby world 1

rugby world 2

rugby world 3

rugby world 4

rugby world 5

The next edition of the Rugby World Cup is to hold in Japan starting from September 20th to November 2nd, 2019. This is the ninth time the competition is holding. The edition is historic because, for the first time, Rugby World cup is taking place in Asian soil. Japan happens to be the first Asian nation to host the greatest rugby event in the world.

Who won the last (2015) Rugby World Cup?

In the 2015 Rugby World Cup final in Twickenham, London, New Zealand beat Australia by 34–17.

Rugby is an important competition on the planet, which is regarded as the third largest sports gathering in the world. It comes third to FIFA World Cup and Olympics. Ordinary Japan is not included in the heartland of Rugby Union.

IRB, which is the body responsible for the Rugby World Cup had indicated as far as 2008 for countries interested in hosting the ninth edition to indicate their interests. The body expected that such interests must be received by August 15th, 2008.

For the first time, several nations indicated their interests to host both the 2015 and 2019 editions. It is on record that about nine countries indicated their interests to host the event.

Russia was one of the nations that placed a bid for either 2015 or 2019 editions. The country later withdrew their interests to host the games. Apart from Russia, Australia which has indicated interest withdrew it in 2009. Three nations continued with the bid and these include South Africa, Japan as well as Italy. However, in a special meeting held in Dublin, it was agreed after voting that England should be given the right to host the eight editions which were organized in 2015, while Japan should have a chance of hosting the tournament in 2019.

Some neighboring Asian countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong have indicated interests in co-hosting some of the matches to be played in that tournament. This was part of the hosting arrangement proposed then by the JRFU. By the time the organizers announced the location for that event, the names of Singapore and Hong Kong were not included. The matches would be played one hundred percent in Japan.

2019 Rugby world cup venues

The matches are to take place in four approved stadiums in Japan. The first match is to take place in the Ajinomoto Stadium which is located in Chofu in Tokyo. The last match will hold on Nissan stadium which is located in Yokohama. Yokohama is located in the Kanagawa Prefecture.

Another venue for the matches is the Shizuoka Stadium which is located in the Fukuroi City in Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan. Stadium capacity is about fifty thousand fans. It is not as large as the two other centers.

The Hanazono Rugby Stadium located in the Higashiosaka City is the fourth center for the rugby world cup matches. The stadium is dedicated to rugby union in the country. The capacity cannot compare to the other centers as it can hold nearly thirty thousand fans. These four stadiums were selected for the global competition. Twenty nations taking part in that competition would face one another in each of these stadia. The final matches would hold in Yokohama because it is the biggest of them all as it can accommodate up to seventy thousand fans at a time. Chofu stadium can hold nearly 50,000 fans and the first match would be played here.

How Rugby Nations are Qualified for 2019 Rugby World Cup

Twenty national teams from twenty nations would compete for the cup. These twenty are formed into what is known as four pools or four groups. Each of the pool has five clubs.

All the teams fought very hard to be there during the qualification stages. Top three winners would be drafted from the previous edition to be part of the competing teams. The remaining seventeen teams will play through the qualifying stages. However, the host nation would automatically qualify.

These teams were selected from different continents of the world. In Africa, two countries are representing the continent and they include Namibia and South Africa.

Two teams qualified to represent America North. They are Canada and the United States of America. Asia is to be represented by the host nation Japan.

Europe is to be represented by eight nations. They are as follows England, France, Italy, Ireland, Georgia, Wales, Scotland, and Russia.

To represent the Oceania continent, includes Australia, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, and New Zealand.

Qualified for Sudamerica includes Uruguay and Argentina. These are the twenty nations that fought very hard to make it to that rugby global competition.


The draw patter changed. It used to be in December but the draw for this edition was taken down to May and it was done in 10th May 2017. The reason for changing the pattern is to afford participating nations the opportunity to prepare for that event. Moreover, it was done after the international matches. Doing that draw after those matches would help participating nations rank higher, which can affect the way they are placed during the pooling stage.

The draw was done in three bands. The first one has to include four nations that ranked highest among the participating teams.

The next band includes the next four teams that do well according to the latest ranking. While the final band includes those four teams that directly qualified during qualifying stages. The other two bands were from eight teams that qualified for that championship. Team placement is based on their previous performances.

Pool stage

When the draw is completed, they are grouped in pool or group and matches would be played. Each team in a pool would face each other in the group stages. For a win, a point of 4 would be awarded. For a draw 2 points are awarded while for a lost 0 points would be awarded. The pool stages would be concluded and the qualifying teams in each pool would move to the next stage.

Rugby world cup 2019 in a short

The world cup commences with the kick off of the pool stages. All the teams in the pool would confront one another. Qualified teams would move to the next round, which is the knock out stage. After that, the quarterfinals would take place. Winners of quarter-finals would face one another in the semifinals. The next stage is the bronze stage. The final match will mark the end of the world cup.

England Rugby World Cup 2019: Fixtures, kick-off time, ITV livestream

The national team of England has played in every Rugby World Cup since the 1987 rugby world cup. The England national team have earned 31 matches with 70.45% of winning record in 44 matches of eight rugby world cup events.

Ireland, Scotland co-hosted with England in the 1991 Rugby World Cup with the final between England and Australia played at Twickenham. Here you are how you will be able to watch the 2019 England Rugby world cup livestream fixtures, scores, get rugbypass, match preview, TV channel schedule, ITV hub free online streaming guide and more.

The England Rugby world cup event of the year kicks off on Sunday for the ninth edition of the competition in Japan: the Rugby World Cup 2019.

England fixture of RWC and kick-off time

Sunday, September 22, Ireland v Scotland venue at International Stadium Yokohama at 8.45 am BST on ITV
Thursday, September 26, England vs USA venue at Kobe Misaki Stadium at 11.45 am BST on ITV
Saturday, October 5, England v Argentina venue at Tokyo Stadium at 9 am BST on ITV
Saturday, October 12, England vs France venue at International Stadium Yokohama at 9.15 am BST on ITV

Watch England World Cup livestream on ITV hub

When does England’s 2019 Rugby World Cup kick-off?

The England match of the World Cup start on Sunday, September 22 (today).

Who will be broadcasting England Rugby world cup in the UK?

ITV TV channel network has exclusive televising rights for the next two Rugby World Cups and the 2019 event in Japan with also 2023 in France.

Which TV channel will England’s every game be on?

Most England matches will be on ITV, with the exception of England 10 match which will be shown on ITV 4 you can see fixtures on

England Team squad for RWC 2019?

Daly, Watson, Tuilagi, Farrell (c), May, Ford, Youngs; Marler, George, Sinckler, Lawes, Itoje, Curry, Underhill, Vunipola.

Replacements: Cowan-Dickie, Genge, Cole, Kruis, Ludlam, Heinz, Slade, Joseph.


England has enough ability to win the championship this year in Japan.

What Irish TV channel is the RWC 2019 on and how can I stream live free online?

When is Irish nations world cup 2019 start?

The Ireland Rugby world cup 2019 in Japan Sun. Sep. 22 Kick-off time at 4.45 pm Irish time, 8:45 am BST against Scotland in International Stadium Yokohama in Yokohama.

What time does it Kick-off?

Ireland is eight hours behind from Japan so all games will start in the morning so Kick-off at 4.45 pm Japan time, 8:45 am BST

Ireland team in which Pool?

It is in group A.

Ireland Ireland Rugby world cup 2019 standing?

The Ireland Nations will start the tournament as a No. 1 team in the world ranking.

Ireland Rugby world cup 2019 Fixtures: What, when, and where?

Sunday, September 22, Ireland vs. Scotland International Stadium Yokohama, Yokohama, kick-off time 4.45 pm Japan time/8.45 am Ireland time

Saturday, September 28, Ireland vs. Japan @ Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa, Shizuoka, kick-off 4.15 pm Japan time/8.15 am Ireland time

Thursday, October 3, Ireland vs. Russia @ Kobe Misaki Stadium, Kobe, kick-off 7.15 pm local time/11.15 am Ireland time

Saturday, October 12, Ireland vs. Samoa, @ Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium, Fukuoka, kick-off time 7.45 pm Japan time/11.45 am Ireland time

Ireland Nations 2019 TV and Radio Broadcast Information:

Republic of Ireland: eir Sport, RTE Television, RTE Radio
Northern Ireland: ITV, BBC Radio
Live stream: Irish TV Pass

Rugby World Cup 2019 is just around the corner and you must be wondering how to watch it. However, it largely depends on which part of the world you belong to right now! Technology is bringing a variety of changes in our life. We are living in an era of modernization and information technology. In this fast-changing world, it is easy to watch your favorite sports from the comfort of your home. If you are in Ireland, you have to rely on Eir Sport for watching the Rugby World Cup 2019. Just note down the important dates in your calendar and clear your schedule. The matches are going to begin on 20 September 2019 and will continue until 2 November 2019. Now, if you are in Ireland, you must be excited about the match between Ireland and Japan.

Ireland national rugby union team squad

Backs (14):

Bundee Aki, Joey Carbery, Jack Carty, Andrew Conway, Keith Earls, Chris Farrell, Robbie Henshaw, Rob Kearney, Jordan Larmour, Luke McGrath, Conor Murray, Garry Ringrose, Jonathan Sexton, Jacob Stockdale

Forwards (17):

Rory Best, Tadhg Beirne, Jack Conan, Sean Cronin, Tadhg Furlong, Cian Healy, Dave Kilcoyne, Iain Henderson, Jean Kleyn, Peter O’Mahony, Andrew Porter, Rhys Ruddock, James Ryan, John Ryan, Niall Scannell, CJ Stander, Josh van der Flier

In order to watch Rugby World Cup in Eir Sports TV Channel consider the following points:

Through Eir Sport, you would be able to watch all the 48 matches. In fact, it is the only place where you would be able to watch in Ireland! You can watch 14 live matches on RTE as well. Thus, before the match begins you should get the relevant channels so that you can enjoy your favorite sports.

Through Eir and RTE, you would be able able to watch the highlights. For some people, it is quite interesting since they are able to enjoy their favorite moments once again. And for others, who have missed the entire match or have limited time to watch TV, it is a great way to get an idea of the overall summary of the matches. You get to enjoy the best moments of the matches within a short span of time.

If you are in the UK, you have to rely on ITV. ITV would be broadcasting the matches live. However, ten matches would be on ITV 4. Thus, if you are originally from Ireland but flying to the UK, make sure you have your hands on this particular channel so that you won’t miss any action from your favorite matches.

Rugby pass world cup for all Ireland’s game online.

Tommy Bowe, Ireland Star, would be providing the coverage for Eir Sport. It is important for you to keep in mind that the host country for the Rugby World Cup 2019 is Japan hence, all the matches would be according to Japan’s timing. Keep the timings in mind as these would start off early. There is an eight-hour difference between the time zone of Ireland and Japan.

Make sure you get the relevant subscriptions and packages before the big day. 20th September is just around the corner and it is hard to wait for the Rugby World Cup 2019.

All Blacks v Springboks 2019: New Zealand v South Africa, Kick-off time, date, live stream, TV channel

New Zealand v South Africa is going to be the most anticipated pool game of the Japan world cup tournament. Both are favorite to the tournament one who can win the championship. Beauden Barrett and Ryan Crotty retain to their place, All Blacks have won 16 of their last 20 matches but Springboks snatched a 16-16 draw in Wellington two months ago and their last four meetings have been decided by a margin of no larger than two points.

When two rivals face each other, the match becomes even more interesting as all eyes are on them. Fans for each team are rooting for the success of their favorites but only time can tell, which team would be the winner. We are talking about two famous rivals of the Rugby World Cup 2019, All Blacks v Springboks.

New Zealand vs South Africa: Kick-off time, date, live stream, TV channel

Venue: International Stadium Yokohama, Yokohama
Start time: New Zealand kick-off time 9:45 pm on Saturday night
TV channels: Watch on Spark Sport and delayed by one hour live on TVNZ 1.
How to watch: Live on or the Spark Sport app.
Radio coverage: Live listen on BBC Radio 5 and app and live on Rugby world cup pass.

All Blacks v Springboks betting odds?

New Zealand: $1.42, to win 4/9
South Africa $2.70, to win 2/1

Rugby World Cup 2019 is starting on 20 September 2019. These two rivals would face each other the very next day! You must be wondering who is going to be the winner. Let’s take a look at history:

New Zealand had been the winner/champion of the Rugby World Cup in 1987, 2011, and 2015.
South Africa was the champion of the Rugby World Cup in 1995 and 2007.

Keeping in view these statistics, it appears that the match between these two teams would be interesting. There had been words going around in favor of five teams, which are:

New Zealand
South Africa

These teams are likely to make it to the finals but it is just an assumption based on past performances. Anything is possible on the battlefield! The teams must be working hard to make their mark in history. It is interesting to note that when South Africa won in 1995, New Zealand was the runner up. These two teams are strong rivals and all the fans would be waiting anxiously for 21st September as it seems like to be a repeat of 1995 final! In 2015, South Africa was in third place while New Zealand won the title of the championship. Going further beyond, in 1999 South Africa was in third place while New Zealand was fourth.

At a Glance Rugby World Cup 2019: New Zealand v South Africa

International Stadium, Yokohama, Date: Saturday, 21 September Kick-off: 10:45 BST

What are the latest All Blacks vs Springboks squad news?

All Blacks: Read (c) B Barrett, Reece, Lienert-Brown, Crotty, Bridge; Mo’unga, Smith, Moody, Coles, Laulala, Whitelock, S Barrett, Savea, Cane.

South Africa: Kolisi (c), Le Roux, Kolbe, Am, De Allende, Mapimpi, Pollard, De Klerk, Vermeulen, du Toit, Etzebeth, Malherbe, Marx, Kitshoff

Seeing the strong history between these two teams, it is very hard to say what would be the ultimate outcome of the match.

Watch New Zealand v South Africa live stream

It is going to be the very first time that the host country for this Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan. The first match is between Japan and Russia. However, fans must be waiting anxiously for the battle between New Zealand and South Africa. Who do you think would be the winner this time? Do you think one of these would be the ultimate champion? Or would there be a different team that would come up front as the rising star? In any case, we all have to brace ourselves and wait for the big match, which is just around the corner. May the best team wins and may the odds be in favor of your favorite team!

What is my prediction?

I will not be astonished if I see these teams are in the Rugby World Cup final 2019. It will be a close game I think and is hard to select one team. New Zealand 34 South Africa 28.

Japan World Rugby 2019 Pools, Fixtures, Players, How to Stream TV Channel

Japan Nations will never forget how Japanese crushing South Africa 34-32 in Brighton at the 2015 Rugby World Cup. It was one of the greatest upset in the history of Rugby and this year they look a better team than the last world cup with also a home-field advantage.

Japan 2019 World Cup Rugby Pool

Japan are in Pool A together with Russia, Ireland, Samoa, and Scotland.

How the Cherry Blossoms (Japan national rugby union team) Qualified to the World cup

The Brave Blossoms (Japan national rugby union team) are automatically qualified as hosts of the 2019 RWC tournament.

Japan Rugby World Cup 2019 Fixtures

Japan vs Russia Friday, Sep 20 at Tokyo Stadium
Japan vs Ireland Saturday, Sep 28 at Shizuoka Stadium
Japan vs Samoa Saturday, Oct 5 at Toyota Stadium
Japan vs Scotland Sunday, Oct 13 at Yokohama Stadium

Japan Rugby World Cup Players (Squad) for 2019

Japan has named their 31-man Rugby World Cup Players (Squad) for the World Rugby tournament.

Forwards (18)

Michael Leitch (captain), Koo Ji-won, Keita Inagaki, Isileli Nakajima, Yusuke Kizu, Shota Horie, Hendrik Tui, James Moore, Isileli Nakajima, Takuya Kitade, Asaeli Ai Valu, Atsushi Sakata, Luke Thompson, Wimpie van der Walt, Uwe Helu, Yoshitaka Tokunaga, Lappies Labuschagne, Kazuki Himeno, Amanaki Mafi

Backs (13)

Timothy Lafaele, Rikiya Matsuda, Kaito Shigeno, Ataata Moeakiola, Ryoto Nakamura
Yutaka Nagare, Fumiaki Tanaka, Kotaro Matsushima, Yu Tamura, Kenki Fukuoka, Ryohei Yamanaka, William Tupou, Lomano Lemeki.

What TV Channel is the Japan World Cup Match on?

The much-anticipated rugby world cup is set to be hosted by Japan and what better way than watching it live on Nippon TV. World cups have always attracted great audiences and this time will not be an exception. Nippon TV is here to ensure that you will catch all the matches live and on free to air basis so that the thrill of the game will come live at your home or your place of relaxation as you watch the game. Rugby has always been a game loved by many and hence Nippon TV is here not only to ensure that its audience will watch the game live but also to ensure that they are entertained just like they are in the actual stadium. The station has over the years broadcast a wide range of sports events in Japan and hence the world cup too will be catered for.

How to Stream Japan Rugby World Cup?

Nippon TV has acquired broadcasting rights to air the matches on a live basis to ensure that you do not miss out on any of them. There will also be repeats of the matches just if you missed out on your game so you are sorted. The TV station is available on both free to air basis and paid TV to ensure that there a wide national outreach. This means that you will be able to watch from the opening match till the closing match on Nippon TV. There is a great fan base in the country of rugby and now being brought closer to your television by Nippon TV is one thing not to miss out on.

Watch Rugby World Cup Pass

Just how do you tune to Nippon TV? You have a couple of options actually hence making it more convenient for you. First is that you can actually stream the station on their official TV live stream. This means convenience at any place provided you have access to the internet. Secondly is the couple of signal numbers both on analog and digital translators. It consists of channel 25 UHF and 4 LCN. Japan being the host country brings the anxiety home and what better way than to quench the thirst with Nippon TV.

USA Rugby World Cup 2019 Pass: Schedule, time, date, TV channel

What time does the USA Rugby World Cup 2019 start?

The opening game of the United States vs England Rugby World Cup game kicks off at 6:45 am EST on Thursday, September 26 at Kobe Misaki Park Stadium in Japan.

USA Rugby World Cup 2019 Schedule: Start time, date, locations and TV channel

USA vs. England at Kobe Misaki Stadium, Thursday, September 26 11.45am ET
USA vs. France at Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium, Wednesday, October 2 3.45am ET
USa vs. Argentina at Kumagaya Rugby Stadium, Wednesday, October 9 12.45am ET
USA vs. Tonga at Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Sunday, October 13 at 1.45am ET

How much does the NBC USA Rugby Pass cost?

The United States Rugby World Cup 2019 games will be broadcast on NBC Sports gold television stream live. Watch 48 USA Rugby world cup games live and on-demand from around the world Plus watch RWC match highlights. The United States Rugby world cup pass for the Webb Ellis Cup, commercial-free tournament pass for $199.99 and Match pass live and on-demand only for $29.99 if you want to watch.

USA Rugby World Cup 2019
Dates: September 20 – November 02
TV Channel: NBC
Stream: NBC Sports Gold Pass

Is USA Rugby World Cup 2019 games available in HD?

Yes, the Rugby World Cup online content is available in HD with 4k quality.

There are a lot of several ways to stream Rugby world cup 2019 online so don’t miss any action from Japan. The Rugby world cup is back on NBC channel again in 2019, with a full 48 matches set to air over the course of the entire event. If you already have streaming services like Sling TV, fuboTV, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, and others also include NBC sports in most packages so there’s no reason to miss out on any of the USA Rugby action.

What is the NBC Sports gold app?

The NBC Sports gold app is NBC Sports Group’s Rugby world cup 2019 live streaming platform for desktops, mobiles, tablets, and connected TVs.

Live Stream NBC Rugby World Cup on Your Phone

Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 directly on NBC’s official website, the network also uses TV Anywhere to offer stream Rugby live via its mobile apps. The NBC Sports app is available for both Android and iOS if you have a valid cable or satellite subscription. Download and install the NBC Sports app on your phone, tablet, or other compatible devices. To Sign In and provide your username and password if required.

What is the minimum web browser requirement for RWC 2019?

If you want to watch USA Rugby world cup 2019 you need to upgrade to the most recent version of your Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, browsers. NBC Sports always suggest video content is streamed through recent update Adobe® Flash® player.

Using Twitter And Reddit To Watch United States Rugby Online

Here Rugby stream content IDs is the RugbyStreams Twitter you might want to follow out if you’re looking for free Rugby World Cup 2019 stream.

Contact NBC sports support

If you have any questions like the video is buffering, cannot hear any audio, how to download, Adobe Flash or how to cancel, do not hesitate to contact

Rugby Union, World Rugby and The World Cup Tournament

Rugby Union is one of two codes of rugby football, with the other being referred to as Rugby League also called simply as rugby and all the sport of rugby union always organizes by the World Rugby governing body. The World Rubby is known by International Rugby Football Board of International sport federation.

World Rugby

Founded: 1886; 133 years ago.
Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
Membership: 102 Member Unions

The split between the two codes occurred in 1895 when some Northern clubs formed their own governing body in order to enable their players to be paid for the time that they spent training and playing in matches.

There are fifteen players in a Rugby Union team with seven substitutions. The aim of the game is to score points by physically touching the ball down behind the try line of the opposition team. When these points have been scored then the team has the opportunity to add to their points by kicking a penalty and converting the try.

Rugby Union

Governing body: World Rugby
Rugby Union Nicknames: Rugby, Rugger, Rugby XV, Union
First played: The 19th century
Team Players: 15
Registered players: Up to 35 Millions

When you hear people talking about rugby, there is a good chance that it will be Rugby Union that they are talking about, as Rugby League is usually referred to in its full term.

The Rugby World Cup is the most important international competition in Men’s Rugby Union. The tournament was first held in 1987 and has been held every four years since this date.

The first World Cup had 16 teams competing in it and this number has risen to 20 since then. New Zealand is the current holders and has also won it more than any other country, holding three titles in total.

The 2019 tournament will be held in Japan and this will be the first time an Asian country will host the competition.