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What Are The Rugby World Cup 2019 Odds analysis?

Looking at the statistics of winning and the history of Rugby World Cup it appears that New Zealand appears to be quite a strong candidate in the tournament since they had the World Cup since the past two tournaments. It is not odd to say that their chances of success appear good; however, it is a game, a battle, and anything is possible. The fans and everyone else can only wait and watch for the big time. Time would reveal the truth but based on statistics, chances for New Zealand seem bright.

What is the best tips Rugby World Cup 2019 Betting Odds

New Zealand had been the winner in the Rugby World Cup three times, which means they appear to be quite favorable when looking at the winning statistics.

Australia and South Africa are the next best team according to the winning statistics. Both the teams had been able to secure the winning trophy twice. It is interesting to see the statistics and it is very hard to say, which team would be the ultimate champion in the finals as it would depend on the overall performance. In true sense, any team, which performs the best is likely to make its way towards the path of victory.

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England was a one time winner, which makes it fourth in line but who knows they might perform the best. Going with the gut feeling is usually easy once the tournament begins because before that odds usually appear favorable for the team with the most wins, which in this particular case appears to be New Zealand. But, all eyes are on the upcoming tournament, which is expected to be interesting.

Rugby World Cup Winners Review

A brief look at the history of the Rugby World Cup shows that in the past 8 tournaments, the most successful nation had been New Zealand. They won the cup three times. The very first time New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup in 1987, then the second time in 2011, and for the third time in 2015. Apart from New Zealand, South Africa won the World Cup twice. Australia also won the Rugby World Cup twice. On the other hand, England had been able to win in 2003. A brief overview of the winners is as follows:

New Zealand, Winners in 1987:

In 1985, a proposal had been put forward for the World Cup but it wasn’t given much consideration previously. Now, this time there had been votes of 10-6. It was put in front of New Rugby, which was previously known as International Rugby Football Board abbreviated as IRFB. In the very first match, which took place in 1987, around 16 nations participated. The matches were held in New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand was able to beat France in the finals by a score of 29-9. It is interesting how New Zealand had been the very first ones among the winners. It appears that they had been able to avail the very same position later on.

How Australia Wins in 1991:

World Cup Rugby games were hosted in different places, for example, Scotland, Wales, France, Ireland, and England. During the games, England had been showing the best performance among these countries. They were finally able to have a match against Australia. It was quite an interesting match as there had been a controversial incident of the game as well. However, eventually, Australia was able to beat England with a score of 12-6.

The best South Africa team Wins in 1995:

The host country for the tournament was South Africa. It is interesting to note that host countries are likely to have a certain pressure when the entire tournament is going to be at their place. Thus, South Africa was able to make its mark in the history of Rugby World Cup Winners. They played against New Zealand in finals and were able to win by 15-12. It was an important year for the Rugby match as after two months as this particular game was opened to professionalism by International Rugby Football Board.

Australia, again Winners in 1999: This particular tournament for the year 1999 was held in Wales. They won against France by a score of 35-12.

How favorite England Wins in 2003:

At this point, England had been a favorite team as they had been performing quite well in the matches. Eventually, they were able to beat Australia in the finals with a score of 20-17. These matches present history to the fans and the diehard fans are surely going to go in the details. They are likely to know and remember all the details. After all, there is a gap in the matches, which makes the fan wait for years. It is very important for a team to show good performance in the matches in order to become a favorite as they are also representing their respective countries and all eyes are on them.

New Zealand, again Wins in 2011:

There had been a pressure on New Zealand to deliver victory. At this point, it had been many years since New Zealand was able to secure a final winning position in the tournament. The last time they had been winners was 1987. It was an interesting tournament overall and New Zealand was able to beat France in the finals with a score of 8-7.

New Zealand, third time Winner in 2015:

It appears that New Zealand had been giving a phenomenal performance since 2011, which is why they had been able to deliver great results in the year 2015 as well. An interesting thing to note here is that they were the winners in 1987 when the Rugby had just begun, which so far makes them the first and the final year until now. They were able to beat Australia in 2015 by a score of 34-17. Another interesting fact to note here is that New Zealand had been the very first team in the history of Rugby World Cup, who had been able to secure their position twice in the tournaments. They had a back to back win, which makes them even more interesting.

Rugby World Cup Greatest Shocks year by year

As mentioned previously so far there had been eight tournaments that have occurred in the history of World Cup Rugby. There are some amazing shocks that occurred during the course of these tournaments. Owen Jones has highlighted some of the famous ones.

The Shocking moment in 1991:

This particular one was for Wales 13-16 Western Samoa. It appears that Western Samoa is little known. Players like Tony Clement and many more were unable to continue but received applause from the crowd on final whistle for their efforts. Samoan players like Frank Bunce, Brian Lima, and many more went on to enjoy a good career.

Great World Cup Shock 1995:

This was with South Africa 15-10 New Zealand. In this particular one, odds seem to be in favor of New Zealand based on the performance of the players; however, eventually, South Africa was able to turn the odds in their favor and hence, had an upper hand.

Another New Zealand’ Shock in 1999 rugby championship:

This was with France 43-31 New Zealand. TF1 was the main channel of France, which presented a newsflash. During the break time, the score was 24-10 down for France. However, during the second half, everything changed and odds were in the favor of France and they were able to secure victory. Reading this particular item, it appears that games are pretty much like the battlefields and it is very hard to say who would be the ultimate winner as odds could turn in favor of the other team as well. Fans love to watch such interesting matches and this kind of shocks are something, which sparks their interest further. All eyes are on the upcoming match and it is hard to say what would eventually happen in the finals.

Ireland 15-6 Australia Shock in 2011:

This was with Ireland 15-6 Australia. This was an interesting one as Ireland was able to beat Australia for the very first time in the history of the tournament and apparently they had not very different in their performance as of what it has evolved over the years. The odds thus were likely to be in favor of the team of Australia but when such things happen, it becomes quite shocking and it is thus, important to remember that when it comes to games, matches, and tournaments anything is possible. Even if the odds are not in favor of one particular team, which had not been performing previously, chances are any team could turn out amazing and can take the position of number one.

How Japan beat South Africa in RWC 2015:

This one was between Japan 34-32, South Africa. Steve Borthwick and Eddie Jones had been the coach for Japan team at that time. Ayumu Goromaru was able to contribute 24 points, Japan at this point had not won the world cup since 1991 and it appeared they would fall short but later on, the ball was slid in by Karne Hesketh in the corner.

Which rugby teams are the current favorite and why?

As mentioned previously since New Zealand had been able to secure their position as a winner twice in the tournament, they are likely to be the current favorites. Their performance thus, makes them the current favorite team. However, it would not be odd to say that the next best teams would be England, Ireland, and Wales. Australia and South Africa would be the next teams in line. It is hard to say until the tournament begins since it has been years and anything is possible during the games. There are also countries like Argentina, France, and Scotland in line. Sometimes it is never known and the least expected ones might perform the best but looking at the statistics of the match, it appears that New Zealand seems to be quite favorable. Least favorite in line would be Uruguay, Namibia, and Russia but again it is hard to say as mentioned previously that there is anything possible in the games and tournaments and it could be amazing. Relying solely on the statistics would definitely make New Zealand favorable.

Best betting tips, learn how to be careful in betting?

There are many things to keep in mind. However, it is wise to consider that technological advancement has brought numerous changes in the life of modern fans. There is tons of information available online, which can be good or bad that is, it could be misleading, which is why it is important to be careful in such matters.

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It could be said that betting for fun is a different thing betting for profit is altogether a different story, which is why it is frowned upon sometimes.

When betting, too much expectation is not a good idea. It is important to keep in mind that anything is possible in games.

When betting, a closer look at the statistics would show odds in favor of one particular team; however, in reality, this could be an entirely different story as the team, which performs better would be the ultimate champion. Hence, it depends on the overall performance of the participants.

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Find information on the state laws, rules, and regulations and be careful with all such matters. It is always better to be on the safe side and never indulge in practices, which could harm in the long run. Sports should be fun and entertainment and should not become means to bread and butter especially when there are huge chances of scam in the era of modernization and information technology.

The tournament is around the corner and it appears that New Zealand is the current favorite team with odds in favor based on the statistics of winning. There had been a total of eight tournaments since 1987 and out of these eight matches, New Zealand had secured the position as winner three times.

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