How Do I Cancel RugbyPass Subscription Terms and Conditions

1. About RugbyPass

It is an online destination for fans of rugby. It offers a live streaming service to the fans and is available in more than thirty-five territories. Fans belonging to parts of the world like Asia, Europe, and Australia would be able to enjoy content consisting of the original video, analysis, news, and so much more. The global fans of rugby can access RugbyPass TV for the price of only $1 USD per month. At this price, they can watch a variety of shows including The Rugby Pod full episodes. There were many properties acquired by the Rugby Pass in 2017 and 2018. These include Rugby 365, Fantasy Rugger, Rugby Onslaught, Rugby Dump as well. This step was huge and made it quite popular as it became the largest and independent network in the world for the English audience. You can visit the official website in order to get more information on the RugbyPass. For any advertiser inquiries, you can find the relevant link from the website. You can also get the technical support from the provided email address. You can also get more information on other queries as well. Technological advancement has made it possible to reach tens of millions of fans with the assistance of social media. It is possible to reach millions of fans with the assistance of the website as well.

2. What RugbyPass announces?

There is a reseller partnership announced by RugbyPass with VeNA. It is for Australia and New Zealand. RugbyPass is the largest independent English digital network approaching the fans of rugby. However, VeNA is a local ad tech company. The partnership between the two would cover New Zealand and Australia. There are 120 million rugby fans around the world and RugbyPass focus on delivering the original content to these fans. It wants to provide brands with creative solutions. RugbyPass has the exclusive digital rights for The Rugby Championship, Six Nations, and so much more in parts of Europe and across Asia. Live broadcasting is, however, not available in New Zealand and Australia.

There are different fan groups, geos, social pages and rugby websites interconnected network of the RugbyPass platform. Some of the names include,, and so much more.

The brands in New Zealand and Australia can connect with the audience of the RugbyPass in a variety of ways. In short, it could be a good time for the brands of New Zealand and Australia. They can approach the audience through video, integrated sponsorships, email, branded content, and so much more. RugbyPass has many fans around the world and this partnership seems like a good opportunity.

3. RugbyPass Terms and Conditions, Subscription Products, Registration, Special Terms, and Conditions and how do I cancel Rugby Pass subscription?

The subscription products, terms, and conditions are effective from January 1, 2016. It governs the use of subscription products from time to time. You are required to accept these terms and conditions and accept the revised version as well. The revised version of the Terms and Conditions would be posted on the website and thus, you have to read and accept.

The Terms and Conditions show that RugbyPass Limited is referred to as we, us, and our. When subscribing the Subscription Product of any kind, you would be bound with the terms and conditions. If you do not accept the terms and conditions, you would not click to accept the agreement and you would not be permitted to subscribe for any subscription products. It further shows that a third party had been contracted for delivering and operating the Subscription Products on our behalf. You can read a detailed version from the provided link.

The first section is on the Access to the Subscription Products. It shows that it is limited and the relevant details are mentioned in this specific section. This section says that you should not access the Subscription Products outside of their territory, which is specific. The access could be blocked if for some reason you do not meet the requirements. You can read the detailed version for more information. There are six zones mentioned in this specific section, which mention different places and the relevant information with it. You can read the details from the mentioned link.

The second section is on the registration, username, password, security, and it shows that registration would be required for using the Subscription Product. It further says that no user would be given access to the Subscription Products unless they have completed the necessary registration. They should pay the fees if there is a requirement for such a fee for the Subscription Products in order to gain the relevant access. It also mentions that your identity would be the username and password in order to access the relevant Subscription Products.

The third section is special terms and conditions applicable to subscription products and it shows that we reserve the right of modifying Subscription Product prices. We are not responsible if there is an error in the images or copy relevant to the Subscription Product. It further provides more information on prices and you can read the details from the mail below. It also mentions that for purchasing the Subscription Product you have to provide information. This information would be your name, date of birth, telephone number, address, billing address, credit card information, email address, and it is important that this personal information should be accurate and complete.

Payment Template would provide information on the payment and the relevant currency. The credit or the debit card that you are providing the details for should be yours. It should be used by you. You can read more information on this section.

You can get information on the relevant privacy policy as well, which would give you the relevant details. If there is a change in the address of your home or the credit card information then you have to inform. You can read the details on the specified link for this specific and other sections.

The fourth section is on the term of subscription products and refunds. It shows that refunds are available where we cancel the service. It means that the service providers would provide the refund when actually they have canceled the relevant service.

It shows that the weekly subscription is valid for a period of seven days and it is prepaid in advance. So, when you subscribe for the first time, the term would begin and would end by the end of the week.

It further shows that the monthly subscription is valid for thirty days on renewal and is prepaid in advance. The term would begin on the first subscription and would continue until you decide and cancel the service. In order to cancel, you have to contact the customer support at the email address ([email protected])┬ámentioned in the link. You can find more information on the cancellation as well.

It shows that the annual subscription is valid for twelve months and is paid in a lump sum. The term would begin on the purchase and would be valid until the anniversary. It would renew after twelve months if you do not decide to cancel it. Again, for canceling the service you have to contact the customer support.

It further shows that if the subscription ends early because of any reason, the RugbyPass Limited would not be providing any refunds for the prepaid subscription.

It further shows that breaching the Terms or unauthorized access to the account would result in the termination of the relevant services. The account could be revoked, canceled, or suspended.

Apart from it, RugbyPass Limited can also end the subscription anytime with a 30 days notice.

It further gives information on the email that you should be responsible for checking the email and it does not go to the spam folder. You can read the details from the relevant link.

The fifth and last section is on availability. It shows that the Subscription Products availability would be affected by many factors. These factors could be like game delays or it could be cancellations as well. There could be other requirements or broadcast policy of the application of content providers. It could also be affected by factors like network delays or technical problems. There could be an issue with the program rescheduling and there could be many other reasons as well. It further says that you are agreeing that we are not under any obligation to provide you with specific content keeping in view this agreement.

You can get RugbyPass free subscription info visit Facebook Page.

This is a summary of the different sections under the Terms and Conditions. It is just for an idea; however, you can read the details to get relevant and required information in a detailed manner. When it comes to agreements, terms, and conditions, and many other such things like this, it is important to read the details thoroughly.

If you have any questions please, mail to, [email protected].

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