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Get the best tour and travel guide of 2019 rugby world cup tournaments

rugby world cup venues

Irasshaimase: Japan is a disciplined and orthodox country than any other society in the world. For the most part, bowing is a traditional obeisance in Japan. If you show respect and humility, the Japanese are more likely to accept you. You know that very well Tipping is an unnecessary part in Japan society and the most part your behavior reflects not only on yourself but also on your country.

Everything you need to know about the Rugby world cup in Japan in 2019.

No. of Rugby nations

20 participating teams (Nations) in the Rugby championship 2019 in Japan

Format of matches

Total of 48 matches:

1 Pool stages: There are 4 pools of 5 teams and 40 pool matches in total.

2 Finals: Quarterfinals, semi-finals, bronze final, and final.

Match Venues

For rugby world cup 2019 in total 12 venues across the whole of Japan.

Where is the Japan world cup 2019?

Japan Rugby world cup opening match starts on 20 September, Friday at Tokyo Stadium and final match on 2 November, Saturday at Yokohama Stadium, Kanagawa which is the first rugby tournament in Asia.

For the first time in the history of the rugby world cup, an Asian country would be hosting that tournament. Japan happens to be the first country in Asia to host it. Since the championship was awarded to the country, rugby officials and people of Japan have worked very hard to ensure that the world had the most successful tournament.

The country is preparing seriously to welcome the rest of the world that would be coming to Japan from the beginning to the end. They ensure that transport facilities are well provided and that the accommodation facility is also up to date. Most importantly, the country is beefing up security in all the match venues and hotel facilities across the host cities. It is apparent from what the government is putting in place that Japan is ready to welcome the world.

Japan is one of the fastest-growing economies of the world. They know that the world coming to Japan would mean a lot and that it can help the economy. The country ensures that everything is put in place. There are lots of side attractions in Japan, which tourists would like to see. Most of these tourist’s destinations are giving uplift with the aim of making them more attractive to the fans who visit the country during this global Fiesta.

Japan is to help rugby organizers to promote sports across the country. For instance, the country is preparing very hard for rugby seminars, which would be organized for the Japanese youth with the aim of introducing them to the game. There are lots of ways these Japanese officials want to welcome all the fans and tourists coming to the country for this global tournament. This is not the first time the country is organizing this kind of tournament.

How to travel from the USA and Euro to go to Japan to watch rugby world cup?

All eyes are now on Japan as the ninth edition of the rugby world is fast approaching and Japan would host the tournament. As you already know, tickets selling is in top gear. As a result, most of the tickets are now exhausted. Fans are to travel from far and near to become part of the most prestigious rugby events in the world. Fans are to come from America and other parts of the world to grace that occasion. If you want to visit Japan for the tournament, there are various options for you to transport yourself to Japan and to the various centers the matches are holding.

The fastest and easiest way of making it to the country for those coming from America is the direct flight. There is a direct flight connecting Tokyo from various parts of America. Flight remains the most effective way of making it to the country for the matches holding across the country.

Apart from taking the direct flight connection Japan, tourists can make that move through the water. The problem with water transportation is that it is not as fast as a plane. Currently, it is extremely difficult to move from America to Japan using road transportation. Even train transportation from the two countries might be impossible. The best way of connecting the two countries is through the plane or water transportation.

Train transportation between America and Japan is not yet practicable but with the time that could become possible. For now, people should make do with what is available. There could be several flights connecting the two countries, and these flights cover many states and airports. If you want, you can choose any of the flights you wish to use.

How to book a hotel in Japan?

Now that the whole world would be focusing on Japan for the ninth edition of the Rugby world cup, which would start in September and end in early November. The attention is now how to get the best hotel accommodation in the country. There is no doubt that accommodation facilities in the four locations where the event would take place would be stretched because of demand.

If you want to be part of that tournament and you want to watch all the whole events, then you must start in time to book hotel accommodation. There are different kinds of hotel accommodation you can book in the country and a few of them are considered here. You can make your choice based on your budget.

There are different kinds of accommodation arrangement that one can choose from in Japan.


The cheapest of all the accommodation arrangement in the country is a hostel. You can get plenty of them in the match venues. Hostels are available in various places in the country and if you are comfortable using bunk capsules or beds, you can apply for that online. These are well located across various parts of the country. The most important thing is that you can get basic accommodation facilities here. You can check for such accommodation online. It is likely that as the match dates fast approaches that these would be filled up. The prices for that are also affordable but it the most expensive in Kyoto and Tokyo.

Capsules Hotels

This is the second cheapest in the accommodation arrangement in the country. Many people coming to the country for business purposes would like to stay in this arrangement because it is not overly expensive. The aim of that is to provide cheap accommodation and it is certain that rugby fans would take full advantage of that opportunity and lodge in that kind of accommodation. Furthermore, they have better facilities compared to hostels.


This is another type of arrangement in Japan. If you want to opt for this arrangement you must be very careful to ensure that you are not shortchanged. Many people would offer their private accommodation for this kind of service and you can book for that online. You must be sure of the quality before you commit your hard-earned money. This is more expensive than the previous arrangements discussed above.


This is the perfect option for many fans coming to the country to be part of the forthcoming rugby world cup. It is better because it offers more comfort and more privacy compared to any of the arrangements discussed above. You should know however that you are going to spend more for this kind arrangement. Depending on the type and quality of the hotel, the cost of such an arrangement always varies. You can get hotel accommodation by looking for that online. If it is better, you can look for a reliable agent and engage them for their services. They can assist you to get a better accommodation deal in the country.

There are also other arrangements such as the Ryokans, and so on. When you are making your choice, you must consider your budget and this can always guide you. If you want a better accommodation, it is recommended that you start that quest early enough.

Japan rail guide

If you want to go through Japan without spending heavily for that, then you have to invest in the Japan rail guide. All you need to do is to ensure that you are on the JR network then you do not need to buy any other ticket to any other place in Japan. There is no way that you can compare the cost of rail transportation in Japan with other forms of transportation in the country. Ensure that you book a reservation on time. If you get the rail pass, you can move through the rail to other parts of the country without difficulties.

Japan Budget travel guide

If you have not traveled to Japan before and you are traveling for the first time, then you require useful information that can assist you on how to save money. The Japan travel guide is what you need for that. Japan can be an expensive country for newcomers. If you want to save cost when you travel to the country, then this informative guide is essential to you.

It advises you on what to do and the cheap places to be as well as the best thing you can do to get goods at discount prices. Even if you were used to the country, this important information is useful for you. You can check for the guide online. You can just google it and you can get a wonderful result. If you want a wonderful stay in Japan, then this is a must.

How to get Rugby world ticket?

If you are looking for the rugby world cup ticket for the event holding in Japan, you have to apply for that on time. The tickets were on sale a long time ago and chances are there that most of the tickets would have gone by now. Nonetheless, you can try your luck to know whether there are still some available. It is even possible that some of those that acquired their tickets or who have more than one would like to resale them. For most people reselling the tickets can be a wonderful way of generating revenue. Such people often target late buyers.

The best way to look for the ticket is to buy from the official vendors. The rugby organizers had vendors dedicated to selling those tickets across various regions of the world. If you check online, you can see some of those vendors. It is, therefore, necessary that you check any of those vendors for your choice.

Read Rugby world cup ticket 2019 full guide

Furthermore, it is available through the public stage ballots. Many people get theirs through that method. Most importantly, you can get it through general sales outlet. Check the organizer’s website, you can get useful links as to how to get tickets for the games coming in September 2019.

Furthermore, it is generally available through hospitality. Some hospitable persons may acquire the tickets and start to dispose of them to people as a way of helping such people who do not have the opportunity to get the tickets and become part of the global Fiesta.

Spas and wellness centers in Japan

There are lots of facilities in Japan to help visitors stay comfortable in Japan. Traditionally, the country is known for spas and wellness. There are lots of centers that offer such services in the match cities. It is possible that some of the facilities are booked up now. However, you still have to inquire to ensure that you do not miss anything. It is certain that most of the centers are getting everything ready for rugby fans.

You can book for their services through the internet. It is recommended that you check and compare the cost as well as the quality of services they provide before you make your choice. You can always get what you want.

Best facilities in Japan

There are a lot of facilities put in place in Japan for the rugby world cup. These facilities are designed to meet the best international standard. These can compare with any other facility located in any part of the world.

It should be noted that these facilities would be used for the Olympic game and other international competitions that come to the country. This means that the facilities are designed to meet the Olympic standard. The organizers want to ensure that the facilities put in place would be there for a very long time.

Visit 2019 rugby world cup tournament pass

Everything is put in place in various Japanese sectors to ensure that everybody is taken care of. The venues can boast of the best pitch facilities for the rugby play. In addition to that, medical facilities are at the best to ensure that players and fans are taken care of in the field. Most importantly, security in Japan is well equipped and they are at their best to ensure that they provide maximum security to fans and players. Most importantly, hotel accommodation is well provided and reserved for various teams taking part in that tournament. Everything is put in place and it appears that Japan is ready for the world.

If you have a problem to get the Rugby Pass just click the link here.

For more update information on Japan, please visit the Japan National Tourism Organizations website below:

TELEPHONE: +81 50 3786 6615
(OPEN BETWEEN 10:00 AND 18:00 (JST)/01:30 – 09:30 (GMT) EVERY DAY)

Skip Rugby, learn what street foods you need to try, what crazy things to do in Japan

japanese street foods

What to watch in japan?

Traveling can bring a variety of changes in your life. It like providing your soul with the utmost level of satisfaction and there are numerous benefits of traveling as well. Now, if you are going to Japan then it is important to know what to watch in Japan. Technological advancement has made it possible to get tons of information and it is a good idea to read about good places in advance so that you can visit it with enthusiasm. Given below are some of the suggestions, which you might find interesting and useful:

Mt. Fuji & Lake Ashi

This place is going to be an interesting choice for you if you are fond of cruises and bullet trains. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the surroundings. Do not forget to take pictures and if you are a travel blogger, it would be an interesting journey since you would be able to record so much on your online journal. Apart from that, do not forget to create memories. With technological advancement we are all so fond of social media that it becomes all about clicking good images; however, it is really important to create great memories especially if your loved ones are traveling with you. You can easily travel between both destinations and when you plan to return to Tokyo, it would be a good idea to take the bullet train so that you are able to save enough time.

Shinagawa Shop

You can book an official street go-kart tour online and the best part is you will be given a guide, which means you can get enough information. It is usually wise to get a tour guide as he or she would be able to give you all the relevant and required information within a short span of time. You are likely to see the Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge as well so you would enjoy the tour. You will also see the local people of the country, which would be so much fun as you can wave at them. Make sure when you book the go-kart, you already know how to drive as it would not be difficult for you.

Tokyo Disneyland

It would be so much fun to visit Tokyo Disneyland especially if there are small kids with you. It would be a place to make memories and enjoy rides with the little ones. There would be a variety of attractions that would make your entire trip interesting; however, do not forget to check the timings and when making the plans to visit various places, make sure you are following the correct timeline. It would be wise to plan the entire trip in advance and act accordingly and for that reason, knowing what places are a must-watch would be a good idea to get the most out of the entire journey.

Universal Studios Japan

Similarly, if you are fond of theme parks then visiting Universal Studios Japan would be a good idea. You would find it similar to the original one and there are shows, rides, and restaurant to keep you busy. Make sure you get information online as nowadays, there are options to book the ticket online or at least get the relevant information.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

It would be a great place to visit to remember the war. Such places are a reminder of how important peace is in the world. Wars had been tough and thus, remembering the past would be a good idea to be optimistic about the present and the future. When you plan to leave double-check the timings. It would be better if you plan your tour in such a manner that you are able to visit all the nearby places as it would save a lot of your time.

What you must do in Japan?

There is an old and famous saying that when in Rome, do as the Romans do; however, how about when you are visiting Japan. Given below is a list of few things, which you must do while in Japan:

Escape to a New World by visiting Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

This particular place is going to take you to a new world, you are likely to feel a part of fairyland. It is not far from Kyoto’s center. There are shops nearby so if you love shopping, you are going to immensely enjoy!

Japanese Cooking Classes

If you are fond of cooking and have heard a lot about Japanese food but have never tried trying to cook one, try taking a cooking class. It would give you an idea on their cooking methods and you would learn a lot. Traveling can give you so much information about a certain culture and you just not learn about people but their cooking style, eating habits, and you learn about their everyday routine. Sushi is quite renowned around the world and you can take private lessons from the locals; however, try to search for the best cooking classes near you. It would be a lesson learned for a lifetime and you can take so many memories back home.

Geisha-The Female Performers

When you are visiting Japan, you would have heard about Geisha, who used to be 80,000 long times ago; however, now there are just 2000 left. You are likely to find them at the Pontocho Alley at Kyoto. When you find one, do not forget to take a selfie if you get a chance. Their faces are painted and you would be astonished to learn about their strict lifestyle.

Visit Nagano and find Monkeys

You can take a trip to Nagano, which was the host of the winter Olympics in 1998. There is a famous place by the name of Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, as the name shows, you would sight monkeys at this park. They would be everywhere and if you or your little ones are fond of monkeys, it would be so much fun.

Try to Cross Shibuya Intersection

While in Japan, you would like to cross the Shibuya Intersection so that you can proudly tell your friends and family members that you have crossed the busiest intersection in the world. It is going to be an interesting sight for you but be careful as it would be super crowded.

Japanese Wedding Ceremony at Meiji Shrine

If you plan a visit to Meiji Shrine try visiting it on Saturday and if you are lucky enough you would be able to see a Japanese wedding ceremony and it would be so much fun to watch a traditional wedding. Enjoying a ceremony itself is fun; however if you find none do despair as you would be able to see the place.

Visit the Tsukiji Fish Market

Visiting Japan and not trying Sushi would be quite contradictory and hence, if you are fond of sushi not visiting Tsukiji Fish Market would be an opportunity missing out. It would be super packed and some of the places close before noon. Do not despair if you have to wait in a long line.

Best Foods you like most in Japan, how to get?

Japanese food is quite famous around the world. Rules of five are quite renowned when it comes to the of Japan. It involves five colors, five methods, and five flavors. So, any dish that you try would be using the rules of five. It tastes delicious and is quite expensive around the world as well. You can try different restaurants to find your favorite Japanese food as with technological advancement finding anything is just a click away. Some of the most famous Japanese food is as follows:


It is a type of noodles, which is quite famous for centuries. It is considered healthy and is made of buckwheat flour. In order to serve it, Soba with the dipping sauce could be chilled or it could also be served hot with broth.


It is a chewy kind of noodle, which is made from wheat flour. It is inexpensive and delicious at the same time, which is a rare combination. You can try it cold or even hot.

Miso Soup

It is quite plain in appearance; however, it is made by combining a lot of things. Different ingredients are added, which are likely to vary according to the season.


Containing vegetables, seafood, fried or battered fish, tempura is quite famous. It is crispy and delicious and you would enjoy it. When you visit your favorite restaurant do not forget to find Tempura or any dish, which appeal to your taste buds. However, if you are a pure vegan you have to be careful in your selection of food.

Sashimi & Sushi

Before sushi was famous, people in Japan were enjoying Sashimi. It is without rice and is a raw fish. Sashimi actually indicates raw food, which is thinly sliced and it could be chicken, horse, fish, etc. So, be careful when selecting food. Sushi, on the other hand, is famous around the world now and involves preserving the fish in fermented rice. However, in the modern era, it is made quite differently and in a variety of styles.

If you need to know more about Japanese traditional best foods visit here.

What street foods you must need to try?

Visiting Japan or any other place and not trying the street food does not sound appealing at all. The small food stalls that you can easily find on the streets of Japan or at festivals are known as Yatai. The dishes offered at these food stalls are inexpensive and delicious but you should know what to try or not. Given below are some of the options, which you might find interesting:


There are brown paper packets, which are baked on the wood fire. Satsuma-imo is actually a sweet potato of Japanese origin. The flavor would be like caramel, so if you like caramel, you are going to like it.

Yaki tomorokoshi

If you are fond of cobs of corn, you are going to like this particular dish. It would be quite healthy as compared to other food options, which are available on the street; however, it is quite common during the summer season.


Despite the fact, it is a French dessert, it is quite renowned in Japan as well and you can immensely enjoy the crepes during festivals and it is packed in such a manner that it would be easy for you to indulge in the amazing flavors.


It is basically a Japanese cotton candy, so when you have kids along, you and kids can thoroughly enjoy this particular item. This treat is famous among children and they are going to ask you to buy it.

Choco Banana

As the name suggests, choco banana is basically banana dipped in chocolate, which could be white, dark, or milk and you can also add sprinkles on the top to make it more interesting. Get more recipes the best street foods of Japan from here.

How to get the japan rail pass

In order to get the Japan rail pass, you have the option of online booking. Technology has brought numerous changes in the life of modern individuals and gone are the days when you would rely on the travel agents to make your life easy. Now, without the assistance of a middle man, you can simply get the rail pass online. Actually, Japan Rail Pass is a multi-discounted ticket and it would be valid for travels for JR national trains.
All you have to do is visit the relevant website and fill in the required information. For example,

Standard: The price for standard 7 days pass would be different from a standard 14 days or 21 days pass.

First Class: The price for first-class 7 days, 14 days, and 21 days pass would be different and expect it to be pricey than the standard.

You can get all the relevant and required information online and the customer support is available as well for your queries. You can get the delivery of your order in 24 hours or 48 hours depending on the scenario. You can pay through various methods. Look into this option, before making a trip as it is likely to assist you during the travel and you can read reviews and comments from the previous customers as well.