Rugby Union, World Rugby and The World Cup Tournament

Rugby Union is one of two codes of rugby football, with the other being referred to as Rugby League also called simply as rugby and all the sport of rugby union always organizes by the World Rugby governing body. The World Rubby is known by International Rugby Football Board of International sport federation.

World Rugby

Founded: 1886; 133 years ago.
Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
Membership: 102 Member Unions

The split between the two codes occurred in 1895 when some Northern clubs formed their own governing body in order to enable their players to be paid for the time that they spent training and playing in matches.

There are fifteen players in a Rugby Union team with seven substitutions. The aim of the game is to score points by physically touching the ball down behind the try line of the opposition team. When these points have been scored then the team has the opportunity to add to their points by kicking a penalty and converting the try.

Rugby Union

Governing body: World Rugby
Rugby Union Nicknames: Rugby, Rugger, Rugby XV, Union
First played: The 19th century
Team Players: 15
Registered players: Up to 35 Millions

When you hear people talking about rugby, there is a good chance that it will be Rugby Union that they are talking about, as Rugby League is usually referred to in its full term.

The Rugby World Cup is the most important international competition in Men’s Rugby Union. The tournament was first held in 1987 and has been held every four years since this date.

The first World Cup had 16 teams competing in it and this number has risen to 20 since then. New Zealand is the current holders and has also won it more than any other country, holding three titles in total.

The 2019 tournament will be held in Japan and this will be the first time an Asian country will host the competition.

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