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Learn what will happen, if you clean up the world cup stadium in Japan?

clean up the world cup stadium

The ninth Rugby World Cup will be held in Japan for the first time in Asia and outside the heartland of rugby union from 2019 September 20 to November 2 which is confirmed by International Rugby Board (IRB) in Dublin on 28 July 2009.

Why do we need to clean up the Rugby world cup stadium?

A World Cup Stadium is a place where various nations come together and have the experience of a lifetime. It provides us moments that we are going to cherish and remember for the rest of our life. Cleaning up the Rugby World Cup Stadium is extremely important as it would reflect that the fans care for the Planet Earth.

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We are part of an amazing world and we have to show care to mother Earth. If we are not responsible for our actions and maintain cleanliness what are we going to touch the young breed? Our children learn from us and they do so by observing our actions.

When we will clean up the Rugby World Cup Stadium it would show that we belong to a good culture, which value maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings. When people throw rubbish on the ground, it can not only create a mess but someone can fall on it.

How to build a habit from childhood?

When foreigners attend a match in Japan they are quite surprised by the fact that after the match Japanese clean the entire stadium. Usually, people leave packets of the food item or juice boxes in the stadium ground but it is not a good habit. A person’s habit reflects their culture as well, which is why cultivating good habits from childhood are important. Childhood is a time when a person is naive and can learn so much about life by observing the surroundings. If elders in the culture are following a certain custom or ritual that involves cleaning, children are likely to follow it when they grow up. Such habits have to be instilled from the beginning. Children in Japan are taught from an early age about such cleaning habits and they are practicing it in school as well that make them a better person who take care of the surroundings as they grow up.

Japanese take pride in cleaning up after the World Cup match. It is in fact, something to be proud of and such things are shared on social media as well. The World is our responsibility and thus cleaning and recycling are very important. When matches are played on such a broad level there are many nations, which are gathered under one roof and hence, people learn from each other and exchange their values and culture. In one way or the other, it is a great experience to learn. Such habits play a vital role in making the world a better place.

How you get praise from other nations and inspiring your nations if you lose the Rugby World Cup matches.

Japanese fans got fame and inspired the world when Japan got a victory from Columbia in the World Cup. The fans were cleaning up after celebrating the victory. Usually, people are likely to celebrate, create a mess, and very few bother to clean up; however, in Japan cleaning up is taught from an early age. Using the blue bin bags, the Japanese fans were filmed taking care of the scattered mess in the form of plastic cups, cardboard, food waste, and bottles. The Japanese Nation was praised for this gesture as their cleaning up was filmed and shared on social media. Japanese in fact, have a reputation of cleaning up. They strive to make this world a better place and are a source of inspiration for the rest of the world.

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Japan is a beautiful place which follows a great culture. In public schools, o-soji is a 20-minute routine that is followed that requires children to clean up at the end of each day. Indeed, it is something to take inspiration from and follow so this world can become a better place for each of us.

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It is not possible for us to try to go zero plastic or use an alternative is always impossible. But we can avoid too much single-use Plastics like two bottles or bags are better than one bottle or bag. You know that very much than me, you can learn more about how to use less plastic when you travel from here.

If you lose the Rugby World Cup loss, so why you need to clean the stadium?

If we look at the fans of countries like Japan and Senegal, it would show that cleanliness matters a lot. Looking back in history you will see that the Japanese nation was praised for their cleanliness. The fans were seen cleaning up in the past when Japan attained victory and loss. It does not matter whether the nation wins or loose, what matters most is the depiction of a culture that teaches cleanliness is significant. Kids in Japan are taught about cleanliness at a very early age and it becomes a part of their daily life. Their good behavior is evident in front of the world and the whole world praises Japan for their cleaning habits.

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If you lose the Rugby World Cup, you should clean the stadium as it would reflect that you belong to a thoughtful nation and culture. You are a true reflection of your nation, country, religion, and family. Your every move should depict that you are doing great and the whole world should praise you like they praise the Japanese for their cleaning habits. Had there cleaning up not been filmed and shared on social media, only the people who visit Japan in person would be able to tell about this great habit. With the assistance of the power of information technology, now the world is well aware of the cleaning habits.

What did we learn to form the FIFA world cup?

Japanese fans have set a great example in the FIFA World Cup 2018 for various people around the world as they stayed after the match to clean up the stadium. They took care of the garbage, which was spread by people and it shows that Japanese culture is a reflection of cleanliness. The best part is that even after their team suffered a loss of crashing out from the tournament the fans were seen following the same ritual. It shows that cleanliness matters whether we win or lose and it should be a vital part of our life. We are born to take care of our beloved planet Earth and a victory or failure should not interrupt this goal.