Rugby World Cup knockout stage 2023: All You Need to Know

Rugby World Cup excitement goes to the next step when its knockout stage start. Here, we will explain Rugby World Cup 2023 Knockout Stages in detail.

In the 2023 tournament set in France, the spectacle of the knockout stages promises to deliver some of the most memorable moments of international rugby.

Understanding the knockout stages of Rugby World Cup 2023

The knockout stages in the Rugby World Cup signify the competition’s climactic final phase. In these high-stakes games, a loss means elimination from the tournament.

The teams that emerge from the group stages progress into this thrilling part of the competition, which includes the quarter-finals, semi-finals, bronze final (third-place play-off), and the grand final.

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Rugby World Cup knockout stage 2023


Following the group stages, the top two teams from each of the four groups, a total of eight teams, proceed to the quarter-finals. These matches are a true test of grit and skill, where the teams battle it out to continue their World Cup journey. The winners of these four matches advance to the semi-finals.


The tension ratchets up several notches in the semi-finals. The triumphant teams from the quarter-finals, a total of four, face off in two nerve-wracking matches. The reward for the winners? A ticket to the biggest stage in rugby – the Rugby World Cup final.

Bronze Final

Not to be forgotten is the highly competitive Bronze Final, or third-place play-off. This game features the teams that fell just short in the semi-finals. While the pain of missing out on the final is tough, these two teams compete fiercely for the honor of finishing third in the prestigious tournament.

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The climax of the tournament is the Rugby World Cup final. The winners of the semi-finals clash in the ultimate showdown. Glory, pride, and the coveted Webb Ellis Cup are at stake. The victors earn the right to be called World Champions, etching their names into the annals of rugby history.

A notable point about these knockout stages is the resolution of tied games. If a match ends in a draw after 80 minutes of regular play, extra time comes into play. If the scores remain level even after extra time, a sudden death round is initiated, followed by a kicking competition if the tie persists.

So, gear up for the Rugby World Cup 2023 knockout stages, where every pass, tackle, try, and kick could spell the difference between progression and elimination. The spectacle of the knockout stages is the purest distillation of the drama, skill, and passion that makes rugby an enthralling sport.

How many teams participate in the knockout stages?

The knockout stages of the Rugby World Cup feature eight teams that have advanced from the tournament’s pool stages.

Where can I watch the knockout stages of the Rugby World Cup 2023?

The Rugby World Cup 2023 knockout stages will be broadcast globally on various channels. Please refer to our earlier article about the Rugby World Cup 2023 TV channels and broadcasters for specifics related to your region.

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