How Many Players on Rugby World Cup 2023 Squads?

Each participating team in the Rugby World Cup 2023 is required to submit a squad of 33 players.

Every four years, the world’s best rugby teams collide in the thrilling spectacle that is the Rugby World Cup. As the 2023 tournament approaches, coaches from around the globe are busy finalizing their squads and strategies to compete for the prestigious Webb Ellis Cup.

Recently, the number of players allowed in each squad has increased to 33 from the previous 31.

This enhancement provides more tactical depth and flexibility for the teams and offers a safety net against potential injuries during the high-intensity games that characterize the Rugby World Cup.

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The Increase to 33 Players: A Strategic Advantage

The decision to expand squad sizes from 31 to 33 players in the Rugby World Cup 2023 offers a significant tactical advantage.

This expansion allows teams to add more specialized skills to their line-up and provides coaches with additional options during high-stakes matches.

Furthermore, this strategic move ensures that teams can better manage the physical toll of the competition, offering a broader pool of players to draw from in case of injuries.

Player Call-ups and Substitutions: Balancing Flexibility and Fairness

To maintain the integrity and fairness of the competition, the Rugby World Cup has specific regulations regarding player substitutions and call-ups.

These rules allow teams to manage unforeseen circumstances, such as long-term injuries, without gaining a competitive edge over their rivals.

The Deadline: Ensuring Equal Preparation Time

In the spirit of equality, all squads for the Rugby World Cup 2023 must be submitted by 1st September 2023. This deadline ensures that all nations have equal opportunity and sufficient time to prepare their teams for the most prestigious tournament in rugby.


How many players can be included in the Rugby World Cup 2023 squad?

Each participating team in the Rugby World Cup 2023 can include 33 players in their squad.

When is the deadline for submitting the squad for Rugby World Cup 2023?

The deadline for squad submission for Rugby World Cup 2023 is 1st September 2023.

Can a team replace a player during the tournament?

Yes, teams can replace a player during the tournament due to injury or other legitimate reasons. However, the replacement must maintain the 33-player limit.

How does the increase in squad size impact the teams’ strategy?

The increase in squad size allows teams more tactical flexibility, with the opportunity to include specialized skills and a greater pool of players to manage potential injuries.

Why was the decision made to increase the squad size from 31 to 33 players?

The decision was made to allow teams more strategic depth and to better manage the risk of injuries during the high-intensity games

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